Cross Country Places Second at JU Invitational

Oct. 12, 2002

Complete Results

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Jacksonville University men's and women's cross country teams each finished second in the University Division at the JU Invitational Friday at the JU Golf Course. Freshman Jen Tyler (Jupiter, Fla.) finished eighth leading the women, while Ryan Montagna finished 16th leading the men.

JU had three runners finish in the top 15 of the women's 5K, with Patti Jenkins (Orlando, Fla.) finishing 11th and Keiona Frenche (Riverdale, Md.) finishing 14th, while senior Laura Winn (Wilmington, Mass.) finished 27th, followed by senior Tamsin Anstey (N. Vancouver, B.C.) at 28th. Tony Strother (Jacksonville, Fla.), Chris Emerson and Brian Boone (St. Petersburg, Fla.) finished 18th, 19th and 20th, respectively, in the men's 8K, followed by Ben Bowerman (North Haven, Conn.) at 23rd, Montia Rice (Folson, N.Y.) at 24th, Sean Duffey (Margate, N.J.) at 25th and John Weaver (Orlando, Fla.) 26th.

The JU men's and women's cross country teams return to action Friday, Oct. 18, at the Stetson Hatter Invitational.

JU Women (Place)                              JU Men (Place)
Jen Tyler (8), 22:35                          Ryan Montagna (16), 34:09
Patti Jenkins (11), 22:45                     Tony Strother (18), 35:11
Keiona Frenche (14), 23:08                    Chris Emerson (19), 35:22
Laura Winn (27), 27:14                        Brian Boone (20), 39:20
Tamsin Anstey (28), 27:16                     Ben Bowerman (23), 40:04
	                                      Montia Rice (24), 43:10
Women's Team Scores (University)              Sean Duffey (25), 43:12
Stetson     20                                John Weaver (26), 44:47
JU   39
                                              Men's Team Scores (University)
Women's Team Scores (College)                 Stetson		15
North Florida		18                    JU		44
Flagler College		38