Athletic Department Realigned Under Student Life

Feb. 18, 2004

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Jacksonville University today announced a strategic realignment of its Athletics Department as part of a campus-wide financial restructuring plan. The change involves the Athletics Department becoming part of the University's Student Life Division.

Under the new organization, all coaches and staff of the Athletics Department report to Vice President for Student Life Dr. John Balog. The position of athletics director has been eliminated. Hugh Durham, who served as athletic director since March of 2001 and head men's basketball coach, will continue his coaching duties.

Acting President Dr. Catherine Morgan said the decision to integrate intercollegiate athletics more thoroughly into the student life and the academics of the campus community is also designed to help facilitate an objective review of athletic programs as part of the budget restructuring.

"This decision will help reduce salary expenses, but involves no reduction of staff or athletic programs," Morgan said. "It concerns student-athletes, their coaches and the important role they play as part of the overall academic mission of Jacksonville University -- now and into the future."