Nellie, JU's mascot, celebrates her 55th birthday

Feb. 27, 2008

Q&A with Nellie

MARINELAND, Fla. - Nellie, Jacksonville University's mascot, celebrated her 55th birthday on Wednesday at her home in Marineland.

JU president Dr. Kerry Romesburg was on hand for the celebration, giving Nellie an honorary master's degree in marine science. Joining him in celebrating Nellie's birthday was JU legend Artis Gilmore and group of JU staff members.

"Nellie has been a big part of the Jacksonville University family for such a long time and it's a joy to celebrate such a special milestone with her," Romesburg said. "Everyone at JU wishes her a happy birthday with hopes for many more."

Nellie is the oldest dolphin in captivity in the country and is the oldest living mascot in the country.

The birthday celebration started at Marineland and continued on JU's campus with a happy hour at Nellie's restaurant, named in honor of the mascot, later in the afternoon.