JU institutes junior varsity football team for 2007

July 19, 2007

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Jacksonville University is beginning a junior varsity football program for the 2007 season, giving more than 150 student-athletes the opportunity to participate in college football.

The junior varsity team will play a four-game schedule this fall against other teams in the Southeast.

"We are excited about the opportunities that the junior varsity program affords our football program and the University as a whole," said JU director of athletics Alan Verlander. "While bringing more student-athletes into the program, it also allows the younger players a chance to develop over time and become contributors to our varsity program."

While NCAA rules limit the roster size during preseason camp to 105, once school begins in late August, the Dolphins roster size will swell with the new players that will have the opportunity to showcase their talent at the junior varsity level.

"This is a great tool for us as coaches as we build this program to a championship level," said JU head coach Kerwin Bell. "During the season, it's tough to work with the younger guys and help them develop while preparing for a game. With the addition of the junior varsity program, we will be able to give these young guys some game experience and a chance to better evaluate their skills."

The addition of the junior varsity team also brings helps increase the University's enrollment as well as helping boost the football program's Academic Progress Rate.

"With Coach Bell's arrival and the interest he has generated in the football program, the University is more than pleased with the addition of a junior varsity team," said JU President Kerry Romesburg. "The increased demand of potential student-athletes who want to participate in our program has been overwhelming, which made the decision to give those student-athletes an opportunity here at JU an easy one."