What They Are Saying About Cliff Warren

April 26, 2005

  • "In addition to being an excellent basketball mind, teacher and recruiter, Cliff brings a level of enthusiasm that the Jacksonville community will benefit from right away. His energy is going to be infectious."

  • "I think any player on the JU roster, after spending time with Cliff, will say I'm glad we hired him."

  • "The kids at JU are going to get very hands-on, personal attention. It's not going to be `See you at practice or at the game.' He's going to be in the cafeteria having breakfast with them. He's going to pop up at the dorm and say, `How are you guys doing?'"

  • "Cliff is one of the best coaches I've ever worked with in terms of preparing and working with point guards. He loves the individual development aspect of the game."

  • "They are hiring someone who has been a vital part of my staff for the last eight years and deserves an awful lot of the credit for any of the success that we have had over that period."

    Paul Hewitt
    Georgia Tech head coach

  • "He can relate to players and talk to them."

  • "He does not accept defeat; he doesn't accept being rejected."

    Jim Phelan
    Former head coach
    Mount St. Mary's

  • "I think he is going to do some good things, make us a better team. I can't wait for the season."

    Antonio Cool
    JU junior forward

  • "He seems like he is very serious, like he has a passion about this program. I like that."

    Haminn Quaintance
    JU sophomore forward

    • "This is an exciting time, not only for our men's basketball program, but for our entire university. Cliff Warren brings a winning attitude and a youthful energy that will help spark a new era in JU Dolphin basketball. Cliff's record as a player and as an assistant coach speaks strongly about the kind of student-athletes he will develop as head coach here at Jacksonville University."

      Dr. Kerry Romesburg
      JU President

    • "Cliff Warren is a winner on and off the basketball court. He sees the value of playing basketball, but he also sees the value of a great education. Cliff is also a community builder whose level of enthusiasm will be contagious throughout Jacksonville."

    • "Cliff's basketball knowledge, coupled with his tenacious personality, will pay immediate dividends here at JU. We are fortunate to have a coach of his caliber, and I am certain we will reap the harvest of his hard work and dedication."

    • "From day one I was like `Wow, this guy is as sharp as they come.'"

    • "Cliff Warren is a disciplinarian, Cliff Warren is a team guy and Cliff Warren knows how to win championships. He has proven that he can do it at every level"

      Alan Verlander
      JU Athletic Director