MONDAY, MAY 09, 2011
ONE POD: Since we last talked...
Dear Blog fans,

I would like to take the time to deeply apologize for the lack of blogs. As I’m sure you know the team has been doing big things since our last meeting. The list includes:

Finished the school year

Completed our regular season

Saw snow for the first time in Tennessee (some)

Rode in a sleeper bus

Discovered Which Wich (an awesome sandwich shop).

Started the Dolphin Book Club

Oh yeah….and we are No. 1 seed in the A-Sun after being pick a respectable fifth.

Again, I’m sorry I couldn’t capture all of this on video for you. There have been some technical malfunctions but I hope that I can deliver a season-ending, blow-your-hair-off-your-head, show-stopping blog. I will do my best to capture all of the emotional, incredible and fascinating moments in the final days of our 2011 season.