#PhinsUpNorth Blog - Day 1: Cody Helgeland

#PhinsUpNorth Blog - Day 1: Cody Helgeland

Cody Helgeland sat down with JUDolphins.com to discuss his first impressions of Canada and what it feels like to get the middle seat on a plane when you're 6' 8".

From left to right: Antwon Clayton, Cody Helgeland, Corey Romich, Radwan Bakkali

"The first day started with early morning practice and some breakfast," said Helgeland. "We then hopped on a plane and flew to Charlotte, N.C., and from there we jumped on another plane for Detroit. When we landed we jumped on a bus and headed to Canada. That part was pretty cool because I didn't know how close Detroit was to Canada or that we'd be getting there through a really long tunnel."

The 2017-18 Jacksonville Dolphins after dinner in Windsor.

"After the tunnel we went through the border crossing and had our passports checked, and they asked us if we were bringing anything in to the country," continued Helgeland. "We got through that pretty quickly and then spent an hour or so at the hotel before grabbing dinner at this restaurant right on the Detroit River. It was a pretty fancy area and it was really nice to get to eat a good meal with my teammates with Detroit in the background. That's where it really hit me that we were in another country. Since we're in Canada we don't really have any service on our cell phones, so we're having to spend more time with each other. It's a great way to bond."

The tunnel from Detroit to Windsor

"Travel as a tall guy is usually pretty interesting," said Helgeland. "It's not the most comfortable thing when you get stuck in the middle seat and you're over six feet tall. Your knees are usually hitting the seat in front of you, which makes both you and the person in front of you uncomfortable. That happened to me on today's flight."

The Dolphins eating the evening's team meal at The Bistro on the River

Voice of the Dolphins Scott Manze also reported on the Dolphins' trip, discussing with Head Coach Tony Jasick and Antwon Clayton why the Canada trip was important to the team.