Dolphin Dozen: Dave Bell

Dolphin Dozen: Dave Bell

The Dolphin Dozen series of interviews conducted by "Voice of the Dolphins" Scott Manze continues with men's basketball redshirt-junior center Dave Bell. He is an Ohio State transfer and is entering his second year in the program. You can listen to the interview or read the transcript below.

  1. Do you have superstitions? Are there certain things you have to do before every game?

I always have to get a nap in. That's one thing I always have to do, get a nap.

How long of a nap?

I'd say about two hours or so.

That's more like another night's sleep there.

[Laughs] No, you know, I just have to rejuvenate the body from the practices and the games.

Do you have a specific time that you try to get down, if we, say, have a night game?

Right after shoot around. Like as I get right after, from the gym, to the car, to the bed. [laughs]

  1. What is your greatest athletic achievement so far?

Yes sir, I've got a cum 3.0 [GPA] lately, this past year I achieved it. That's one thing, you know I hold myself to a good standard so I'm excited for that.

  1. When did you start playing basketball?

I started playing ball my sophomore year fully, I played street ball until my sophomore year when I got to Garfield Heights [High School] and went from there.

Did they just look at you and say 'Hey man, you've got to play on this team'?

No, I was at John F. Kennedy [High School] in the city, and it was a big school, but not a big basketball program, so I went to a school with traditional coaches and they wanted me in there, like 'This kid has a lot of potential', so I decided to go there [to Garfield Heights].

You're pretty tall, how many times do you get the question 'Are you a basketball player?'

I get it at least ten times a day if I'm out. [laughs]

I can imagine. [laughs]

  1. If you weren't playing basketball, what sport would you play?

Ah, man. Probably football, I like football. I never actually played it organized, but I always played street football and always was a receiver.

Boy, that could be dangerous. Just throw it up to you and you're going to get it, right?

Yes sir, exactly. Throw a fly for me or something.

  1. What is your number one song on your hype/pregame playlist right now?

"Drip Too Hard" by Lil Baby. I like that song right now.

What does it for you about that one?

The beat and the rhythm of the song just get me hyped and ready to go. 

  1. What drew you to come to JU?

It's a great environment and I know that I can bring a lot to the program and we can get far. I know we can make the tournament so I'm excited for it.

Your experience, coming from a big program down to a much smaller program, what are some of the positive differences you've noticed?

It's a lot of pride. It's a smaller school, but everybody is, like, heart and soul is basketball. It's just so exciting to be here and look forward to putting on a show.

  1. What is your major and why did you choose it?

Sociology. I like to interact and see how people interact. I've just always looked into it and I like to study that.

  1. You mentioned Garfield Heights where you are from. What is the defining characteristic of Garfield Heights in the Cleveland area?

Heart, and I'd say, toughness. Those two things. And passion, well those three things [laughs]. That's the three things I think of when you say that, for sure, heart, toughness and passion.

So, you stand by the LeBron James [quote] "In Northeast Ohio, nothing is given, everything is earned'?

Oh yeah, that's the slogan right there. You've got to take it, you can't just sit back and wait for it to come.

  1. Do you have a favorite road trip memory, you haven't really had a chance to go on the road with JU yet, but do you have a memory that stands out, perhaps from your time at Ohio State?

Maybe the [NCAA] Tournament when we played in Oregon, that was a great environment. I just love it so much, I really want to get back to the tournament. That's something I'm really looking forward to.

  1. Why do you wear number 23?

LeBron James actually! I always wear 23, ever since I started playing, that was always my favorite player, had all his shoes. So of course, LeBron. [Ed. Note: Bell has since changed his number to #3, to honor his mother, who was born on the third of the month.]

  1. What is your go-to pregame meal?

Well, pregame I love pasta, that's my favorite gameday meal. Any type of pasta.

Do you eat anything at halftime? I've talked to a couple of different people now and some of them say that they'll have a piece of fruit or something and others are like 'I cannot eat anything'.

Gatorade Chews, it doesn't matter what flavor, but Gatorade Chews for sure.

  1. Final question was posed by Amanda Detmer of women's golf. She wants to know, if you could travel anywhere with your team, where would you go?

I would like to go to L.A. [Los Angeles]. I've never been there before and it just seems like that would be a great place to be and we would have a lot of fun there. Of course, whatever we do, it'd be great if we played a game. I know we would win because it seems like the energy is great there.

Anything about L.A. you'd want to go specifically visit?

Hollywood Boulevard. See the stars.

I've been there and I didn't see any stars. I don't know, maybe I was there on the wrong day or something. [Laughs] Ok, let's wrap with this. Do you have a question you'd like to pose to a fellow student-athlete?

What is your favorite thing to do with your team, not in a team setting? With no coaches there, what is your favorite thing to do?

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