Dolphins Featured in Sports Illustrated, NBC Golf, and More...

Dolphins Featured in Sports Illustrated, NBC Golf, and More...

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Thanks to making the NCAA Men's Golf National Championship in a somewhat unconventional and extremely memorable way, the Jacksonville University men's golf team has received considerable national and international attention the past two days. Below is a running list of the news organizations that have covered the Dolphins' meteoric rise.

NBC Golf: Collegian stripes, dives in hazard, leads team to NCAAs

Golf Digest: College golfer has to strip down and jump into a lake after accidentally dropping golf ball

SB Nation: This NCAA golfer had to jump into water to gets his ball because of another weird, stupid rule College golfer strips down, attempts to retrieve ball he accidentally dropped in water

Chicago Tribune: Silly golf rule forced an NCAA golfer to diving for his ball in a pond

The Middletown Press: Golf's rules force NCAA golfer to go diving for his ball in a pond

KSL Broadcasting Salt Lake City: Golfer strips down to underwear to search for ball in lake

The Daily Mail (UK): David Wicks goes the extra mile as promising young English golfer wades into water hazard to retrieve lost ball

The Washington Post: Golf's silly rules forced an NCAA golfer to go diving for his ball in a pond

Bunkered (UK): College golfer strips after ball falls from pocket into water

The Advocate: Sam Burns, LSU win regional titles, heading back to NCAA championships

Yahoo Sports: College golfer strips to underwear, leaps in water to attempt to avoid penalty

USA Today: College Golfer Dives Into Lake After Dropping Ball Off of His Shoe WATCH: College player in Rules bind strips down, goes bobbing for ball in water hazard

The 42: Golfer strips to underwear and gets into water hazard to comply with bizarre golf rule

Florida Times-Union: Jacksonville University golf team reaches NCAA Championship for first time College golfer drops ball in water, nearly costs team shot at NCAA Championship