Dolphin Dozen: Lillie Miller

Dolphin Dozen: Lillie Miller

Welcome to the Dolphin Dozen, a series of interviews with Jacksonville University student-athletes conducted by "Voice of the Dolphins" Scott Manze. The very first edition is with women's lacrosse senior mid Lillie Miller. You can either listen to the interview, or read the transcript below.

  1. Do you have superstitions? Are there certain things you have to do before every game?

Yeah, definitely. Usually last year, we'd all wake up and go to University Diner every single morning, we'd all get the same breakfast, it was me and whoever wants to come. It's a classic eggs, bacon, toast breakfast, we do that every single time. Other than that, I would say my gameday bun [hairstyle], that's kind of my superstition, if it ain't perfect I've got to do it a million times. Those are two big ones for me. 

  1. What is your greatest athletic achievement so far?

Last year, the conference championship was big for me. I felt like I had a bigger role on the team and I got First Team All-Conference which was a huge goal of mine that I hit which I was really excited about. Junior year, that would definitely be my top.

  1. When did you start playing lacrosse?

I started playing when I was in about second grade, so however young you are then.

Wow, that's a long time. How often do people start playing [lacrosse] that early do you think?

I think nowadays people are starting sooner than me, which is crazy to think about, but not many people. My sisters played it before me, so when I was younger I wanted to get in there quick because I saw them doing it and I was like 'I want to be just like them!' That's kind of why I started sooner than most. 

  1. If you weren't playing lacrosse, what sport would you play?

Oooh, basketball! Definitely basketball.

What position?

 Forward? I want to hit threes.

 You want to be a guard then.

 Yeah guard! Okay.

These days you can step out as a forward and hit threes too, everybody's got to stretch the floor. Did you play basketball in high school?

I didn't in high school, I focused more on lacrosse in high school, but up until eighth grade, I thought I was going to a top-10 school to play basketball. That was my dream until lacrosse became huge in my life. 

  1. What is your number one song on your hype/pregame playlist right now?

Ooooh! "No Brainer" by Justin Beiber. [laughs]

Beiber gets you hyped?

Oh, I love Beiber! I'm a big "Belieber."

  1. What drew you to come to JU?

Definitely the coaching staff. I remember the night I drove home after my visit, I was trying to sleep in the car and I couldn't, just because those coaches, they could be like two parents to me and I was so excited. I knew this was the place to be for me [because of] the people I met, the class size, everything fit perfectly. But definitely coaches was the top answer for me.

  1. What is your major and why did you choose it?

Business administration with a minor in marketing. I started with business admin because I knew I wanted to be in the business school, but I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to dive into. As I got older, I realized that marketing was huge for me, so I chose a minor for that so I could focus more on the marketing aspect. I definitely want to work in a business one day.

  1. Where are you from and what is the defining characteristic of your town?

Elkridge, Maryland. Our, not mascot, but the thing is the town is elks, they're literally everywhere, on every street sign and all that. I guess that would be a defining characteristic. It's a pretty small town.

Are there actually elk there?

No! Which is weird why it's called Elkridge. We have Snapchat filters with that I'm like 'we don't have elk anywhere in our town'. [laughs]

  1. Do you have a favorite road trip memory from your time at JU?

A favorite road trip would be freestyle rapping with Jody [Julmice] and Bill [Erica Beal]. We always throw on some YouTube instrumentals and we hit bars. [laughs]

So, this is a tradition every road trip.

Uh-huh, we're the loudest ones on the bus, freestyling, rapping, you know. It's a fun time.

  1. Why do you wear your number?

It is my birthday, March 5, so that's kind of why I chose that number.

That makes a lot of sense. Have you always worn 35?

No, in high school I was 19, and when I was coming here, I wanted change. I said 'you know what, high school is over, I want a fresh start' and 35 was on the list and I was like 'March 5, perfect'.

  1. You mentioned University Diner, is that the pregame meal, or do you eat something else prior to the game?

That's the pregame meal, pretty early, and when it gets closer to the game I usually eat a half a PB&J or a protein bar.

Do you have a go-to halftime snack?

Sometimes. Maybe like a clementine here and there.

A clementine? That's enough to get you through?

Oh yeah, I'm not a huge eater during play, I probably should be, but a clementine is the top.

I'm not a huge eater during broadcasts either so it makes sense.


  1. Next up is Jody Julmice, your teammate. What would you like to ask her?

What is your favorite scoring celebration dance?

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