Dolphins Flex Depth at SIRA Regatta

Dolphins Flex Depth at SIRA Regatta

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. - The Jacksonville Univeristy Novice 4+ took second place Sunday at the Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Association Regatta at the Melton Lake Rowing Venue in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

"It's always a good day when you walk away with hardware," JU head coach Mike Lane said. "I think both fours did a solid job today."

The Novice 4+, comprised of Sarah Frasier, Gabi Heard, Marlena Warren, Fallon Walsh and coxswain Meredith Sprague, outpaced Rollins in the Open Final by more than six seconds. Embry-Riddle finished that race in first place.

The Varsity 4+, comprised of Leah Finsie, Emma Napper, Ciara Devenuto-Wyeth, Hannah Cowan and coxswain Devonna Irby, took third place in the Petit Final, good for ninth overall.

"It truly shows the depth of our program to have solid results in our developmental boats," Lane said. "It bodes well for the depth and future of JU Rowing."

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Varsity 4+ (8:12.215)

Cox – Devonna Irby

4 – Leah Finsie

3 – Emma Napper

2 – Ciara Devenuto-Wyeth

1 – Hannah Cowan


F/N 4+ (8:03.384)

Cox – Meredith Sprague

4 – Sarah Frasier

3 – Gabi Heard

2 – Marlena Warren

1 – Fallon Walsh