LEHMAN-MUNNEKE: Conference play starts
This was a big weekend for us because we started conference play and it was our first full home weekend. We opened conference Friday night playing FGCU. We've always had a pretty big rivalry with them, especially this past year, because we beat them both times in conference, but then they came back and beat us in the conference tournament. We were both pretty excited to play each other. Not only was the rivalry competitive, but we had a ton of fans in the stands including the freshmen Fletcher High School volleyball team.

We started off the game a little rough losing the first game. We then picked it up in the second game and won 25-23, but it still wasn’t as good as we could play. The match ended up being really tight as we battled through the third, fourth, and fifth game. We ended up winning 18-16 in the fifth game. Although we didn't play our best game, it was still nice to have our first conference win, especially against such a good team.

On Saturday we played Stetson again, same team as last week, but this time it was conference. We stepped up our game, but still did not play the best that we could. However, we beat them in three and added a second win to our conference record.