VOLLEYBALL BLOG: Whitmire & Graves edition (11/8)
It was nice to finally unwind at practice on a Halloween Monday after our week we spent traveling and competing.

Because it was Halloween, our captains were granted permission from our coaching staff to do a little Halloween competition. All of us were thrilled when we found out we were going to have a costume practice! Randomly paired, our team was required to dress as a dynamic duo! We had pairs such as Salt and Pepper, Cat and Mouse, and even the cliché Batman and Robin. However, the costume voted best was Shrek and Fiona. With green antennas, green paint, and even Shrek’s unpolished teeth, the duo took home the prize. A certain Fiona left red hair dye all over the walls of the shower, as well as on the rug of the bathroom, but another certain someone will not complain. Simply put, you could say our practice was quite…dynamic.

With big games ahead of us, we worked diligently in the gym to get better. After the hard work we put into practice during the week, we were ready to throw lemons at any opponent! The smell of fresh mixed Gatorade lingered throughout the halls of the locker room; we all knew what time it was. As the clock ticked, game time grew closer, and the stands began to pile up with a posse of Dolphin supporters ready to cheer their Dolphins onto a victory.

A great game was contended, but unfortunately, we were defeated. “Keep your heads high ‘Phins. It’s not over yet,” we were told, and did just that. With our heads held high, we gave Savannah State University quite the whipping, leaving them with a 3-0 shutout. With the combination of last weeks traveling defeat and this week, we had a sweep under our belts.

We all screamed for ice cream, especially and including our head coach, Shaun (Kupferberg). We ventured to a remarkable little family owned ice cream shop. Known for unique flavors, Leopold’s Ice Cream served a group of hungry girls in no time at all. With excellent customer service, Leopold’s was indeed a great choice. After a taste test of nearly every ice cream flavor they had to offer, each individual knew what to order. We sat with teammates and family members to enjoy each other’s company as well as our meal and dessert.

After our tummies were all subsequently satisfied, we packed up and piled in the vans for home. Some people perhaps should not have gobbled so much ice cream before such a long trip, but several fell asleep before you could call out who might have generated the smell. As we arrive back home, we had a quick team meeting and retired to our quarters. With yet another big week ahead of us, we relaxed and refreshed to prepare.

“Why throw punches when you can throw lemons? That’s much more lady like.”

Chunia Graves and Cari Whitmire