Construction begins on JU outdoor sand volleyball courts
The JU campus will welcome a new addition to its athletic facilities as construction begins on four state-of-the art outdoor sand courts near the St. John’s River.

Due to the generous donations of Tim Payne, the sand courts will be used by the student body for intramurals and leisure while the Dolphin volleyball program will take advantage of training on campus as opposed to traveling off campus.

“Thanks to Tim’s generous donation, our volleyball program will have one of the best facilities in the country,” said JU director of athletics Alan Verlander. “JU is fortunate to have people that are so generous in giving back to help continue the success of this institution.

“These courts will be a major advantage of our volleyball program as they continue to become a perennial contender for the conference title. As the NCAA looks at adding beach volleyball as a varsity sport, this will allow us to have one of the top facilities in the country.”

The courts, located next to the outdoor swimming pool on campus, will be used throughout the year by students and will see a lot of time in the spring as the JU volleyball team will practice there.

“We train on the sand for a large part of the spring, so this will allow us to improve our quality and quantity of training,” said JU head coach Shaun Kupferberg. “Sand training improves our speed, quickness, reaction time, vertical jump, and all around skill development.

“We will have four courts that are as good as anyone can build and we will have the luxury of having them on campus. We will also have the ability to host some great tournaments for the varsity team as well as open tournaments for the community.”