MONDAY, APRIL 20, 2009
Volleyball finishes second at Fiesta on Siesta Key Sand Tournament
Rising junior Aidan Yeager
Rising junior Aidan Yeager
The Dolphins took to the sand over the weekend and soaked up a lot more than rays as the JU volleyball team finished second overall out of 12 teams while rising seniors Brooke Singleton and Michelle Walroth placed fifth out of 48 teams at the Fiesta on Siesta Key Beach Volleyball Tournament.

The tournament consisted on USF, UCF, Florida, UNF, Miami, Notre Dame, Stetson, Florida State, Webber International, Florida Atlantic and Savannah College of Art & Design.

In the overall team cup trophy standings, JU finished second behind USF as the Dolphins had all four of its teams finish in the top two of their four-team pool play (the only program at the tournament to do so).

"This was our first real beach tournament and it was a great experience for our team,” said JU head coach Shaun Kupferberg. “I was very excited with everyone finishing pool play with such strong results. Having all of our teams finish in the top two of pool play shows the kind of depth we have as a program. There really were no weak links this weekend. Overall, it was a great way to end our spring season and we're all looking forward to next fall."

Out of 48 duo teams, Singleton and Walroth advanced through Pool 12 with a win over Castelamara/Arbogast of USF (21-8, 21-4) and a split with Fesl/Puente of Notre Dame (21-13, 18-21). In the Gold Division Playoffs, the duo advanced to the second round with a victory over Danthon/Thon of USF (21-18) but fell to eventual champions Gurgel/Havlickova of USF (21-18).

Rising junior Brittany Lehman and rising sophomore Kathryn Kane advanced through Pool 14 with a win over Allshouse/Carey of Webber (21-9, 21-4), a split with Scicca/Silva of Notre Dame (19-21, 24-22) and a loss to Loessberg/Carico of Miami (17-21, 8-21). In the Silver Division Playoffs, the duo advanced to the second round with a win over Reeves/Dougherty of Webber (21-18) before reaching the semifinals with a win over Andersson/McGee of Miami (29-27). In the semis, the duo fell to Belcher/Needham of Webber (21-15).

Rising senior Nikki Kent and rising junior Aidan Yeager advanced out of Pool 10 with a wins over Rabe/Greenlee of UNF(21-19, 21-6) and Tosi/Shelton of Savannah College of Arts & Design (21-16, 21-15) and a loss to Eurie/Naughton of Webber (18-21, 12-21). In the Silver Division Playoffs, the duo was eliminated in the first round by Petrasic/Callahan of UCF (27-29).

Rising junior Hannah Munneke and rising sophomore Ashley August advanced out of Pool 4 after a win over Riley/Duggan of UCF (21-8, 21-10), a split with Belcher/Needham of Webber (19-21, 23-21) and a loss against Gurgel/Havlickova of USF(21-15, 21-10). In the Silver Division Playoffs, the duo was eliminated in the first round with a loss to Belcher/Needham of Webber (21-16).