THOMAS TALK: Blood, Sweat and Tears
How’s it going family, friends and most of all our fans? I am glad to have you back for another week of JU women’s basketball. I hope you are excited to meet our team,as we have been working extremely hard on and off the court.

Our first day of conditioning was in the sand with our strength and conditioning Coach Todd Moyer. If anyone knows Todd, you know he will always be tough on us and never let us sell ourselves short. Just close your eyes and imagine your fresh pedicure being destroyed in the depths of the dirty sand pit. You are fighting for air, water and praying to God you don’t pass out. Every step is like falling into quick sand. Your legs are extremely tight and no matter how hard you push you still feel like you are getting nowhere. Every minute that passes feels like an hour gone by. The only thing you can think about is, "is it over yet?" One day down and seven more days of hard core conditioning left for us and we plan to go hard every single time.

Now, what everyone has been waiting for, a smooth introduction of the JU women’s basketball team also known as So Live Entertainment because everything we do is just so LIVE.

First…*drum roll please*…introducing our freshman; The Twin Towers, Madison Scott and Jenae Wilson. Madison came to JU from East Point, Ga. and she loves playing the piano and her favorite color is blue. Madison can also sing. She is the lead singer in our group and can out sing Glen Powell on our men’s basketball team :). Madison stands at 6’3”, runs the floor very well for a post player. Jenae is from St. Petersburg, Fla. and stands at 6’2” next to her twin. Jenae’s favorite color is purple and she has a killer reverse power slide so watch out for her this season.

Next, there is Ronisha ‘Ro’ Mitchell (aka Sonic). She is just a big ball of energy. By way of Wildwood, Fla., her favorite color is pink and she loves hanging out with her teammates. You can find her on campus probably reciting some Plies lyrics. So when you see her just chunk the deuces and say,"what’s up brah brah?"

Then there’s Jade Cargill all the way from my hometown, representing the red, black and white, Vero Beach, Fla. If you don’t know you better ask somebody. Jade’s favorite color is just like her personality…weird…Lime green. But we love her to death. Without her, we wouldn’t have anyone to laugh at. She loves shopping and hanging out. Jade’s on the court nick name is Amazon because she is just beast mode in the paint. No one can out rebound her.

Our silent assassin is Ciara McLee, all the way from San Antonio, Texas. What you know about that? She rains three’s like Ray Allen and has a catch and shoot that is unstoppable. Ciara is quiet to most people she may not know, but if you watch closely you can find her dancing and saying some of the funniest things. One time for SO LIVE ENTERTAINMENT!

On to the next one; Jane’l Osborne, our inside out threat. Standing at 6’1” from Forest Park, Ga., you may think she’s a post but that will be your first mistake. Jane’l can step out and shoot the three and take you off the dribble. You may think you have her down pat but she’ll switch it up on you at any given moment.

That’s our entire true freshman crew. We have one junior college transfer that is an amazing addition to the So Live Entertainment crew. Ms. Crystal Bell has the highest vertical on the team standing at only 5’9”. She will be arguably the best defender in the A-Sun this year - mark my words. Crystal can rebound like she’s 6’3”, while her speed and quickness is unbelievable. She will definitely be a joy to watch.

That completes’ the list of young ladies you did not see play last year.

Next up we have the returning underclassman crew; Maggie ‘Magster’ Wilson, Jessica ‘Jes’ George, Abril ‘Bri’ Peeples and Ashanti ‘Shani-Easton’ Williams.

Maggie is what most will think is quiet but once you get to know her she is just a cool, laid back, down to earth person. Maggie is what I would call a multi threat on the court. Please note that my girl can pretty much do it all. She can pass, take you off the dribble, pull-up from just about anywhere and she even has a smooth floater.

Jes is the talker of the team. If no one else is talking, you better believe that this girl is running her mouth about something. She talks fast too so you better listen real close because she won’t slow down for you to catch up. Jes has one of the quickest shots you’ve ever seen. I mean, that’s if you can see her get the shot off, because I’m telling you it’s just that quick. Now you see it, now you don’t.

Abril is another talker on the team. Except instead of gossiping, she is more of a jokester. She has jokes for days, weeks and months. You can find her in the training room cracking jokes. You can catch her in the café’ cracking jokes. You can even catch her in the shower…cracking jokes. When you are in her presence you better be on your ‘A’ game or else you’ll be the topic of her next joke. She is a very funny person and without her I don’t think my abs would be as strong. Although Bri has been injured, we all cannot wait until she returns to play because her enthusiasm and love for the game makes her the most passionate on the court. She play’s with an unstoppable attitude. A little known fact is Bri and I played for the same AAU team, Essence Girl’s Basketball, under the well-known Coach Kimberly Davis-Powell.

Ashanti…you know I really can never find the words to describe Ashanti and I think my team mates will agree. She is a very unique individual. Ashanti’s favorite quote is “Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Go”. You can find her speed walking to class even if she’s ten minutes early. You can also find her playing with her new Apple Mac book Pro she got to help her with her graphic designing. Ashanti has a one dribble pull up that will make the competition throw up. It will just sicken you how deathly her jump shot is. You might as well not even jump because it’s money all day every day.

Last but not least of the team are the three seniors; Taneskei ‘T-Rich’ Richardson, Lynsey Paschal and myself. Taneskei came up with an official nickname for the three of us. We will now forever be known as “The Triple Threat”. Each one of us has a different quality of our game that we bring to the team.

T-Rich is my teammate straight from Duuuuuuval (a.ka. Jacksonville). T-Rich spent all summer with me working hard in the weight room and on the court. Her dedication to the team and herself has impressed everyone. Her skills have improved so much. She love’s working on moves that will astonish the fans. She aims to be a crowd pleaser on the court. You can find her in the gym working on her step back and penetration moves to the basket. T-Rich’s favorite color is baby blue and she loves long walks on the beach. After graduation T-Rich wants to attend grad school and get her masters in Criminal Justice.

Lynsey is the most fly valley girl on the team. She is a proud member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. Lynsey is obsessed with Robert Pattinson from the movie Twilight. Her favorite color is purple and her favorite movie is Ms. Congeniality. You can find her in her room studying and listening to Adam Levine from Maroon 5. After graduation she plans to go to Veterinarian School because she loves all animals.

Lastly, I will tell you very little about myself. I am to humble of a person to talk about my game so you’ll just have to come watch for yourself. My favorite color is blue and I love going to different restaurants. My favorite restaurant so far would have to be the Crab Cake Factory. I love working hard to make myself better; I approach all challenges on the court as if it wasn’t a challenge at all. On and off the court my attitude is that I’m just ready for whatever comes my way. You can find me smooth sailing to class because no matter where I am and how bad I may look that day my ‘swagga’ is on point. After graduation, I plan to follow my dreams of being a professional basketball player.

Now that you have learned a lot about your JU women’s basketball team, I hope to see you at some of our games (not just the one’s you get in for free). AT&T said it first, but Coach Dunn said it in our workouts the other day, “We are raising the bar.” This year’s JU team has no ceilings to where we can go this season. From the team, we hope you have a good week…until next time… “Man Down”!