THOMAS TALK: Breaking windows and Safari rides
There is always ups and downs in games and the downs seem to come when you don’t want them to which is the story of our lives. Consistency needs to be our focus as we head into our five-day Christmas break.

We played a great first half vs. FIU, but we were not able to finish them off. We hosted Wake Forest, a game that spectators expect us to lose. You had to have been there to witness the fight, the competitiveness and determination that willed us to victory against an ACC team. The crowd was crazy and the energy in the building was contagious. We were so hyped afterward that Crystal Bell broke the window downstairs in our gym. Lol, what a night to remember. Bell, she smashed the window!

You would think that momentum would have carried over into the next game at UCF, but our fight, competitiveness, and energy were spent resulting in a loss.

It’s a shame that we can't find a way to bring those things every game, but during this Christmas break, I hope everyone comes back with a different and positive attitude because A-Sun play is right around the corner.

When we return on Dec. 26th, we have practice and a Christmas party. We pulled names out of a bucket for secret Santa gifts. The person who I have to get a gift for is...shhhhh...I can’t tell you. You'll have to stay tuned in for the next blog.

The coaches got the entire team some Nike slides for Christmas. Just in time for this 24-degree weather in Jacksonville. One day I went outside and I thought I was back in Bone, N.C. because it was so cold. They also took us to Disney's Animal Kingdom where we mostly just walked around. A couple of us got on a roller coaster and the others took a safari ride around the park.

Going into the break we hoped to be 7-3 but instead we're 6-4. In the good words of my boy Mr. Willie from Friday, "you win some, you lose some, but ya live, ya live to fight another day"

Until next time fam, 'man down'.