First week of official training is in the books. We had dinner and a meeting at Coach's (Ron Grigg) house on Friday going through what this season is about. We have a lot to live up to and for that reason it is important to put away (literally wrinkle up papers) what other people say and only worry about what we as a team can do to reach our goal.

Cross country is all about team effort, which many outsiders forget as running is by most considered an individual sport. Coach also used the opportunity to build up some nervousness to Saturday's time trial which met and exceeded expectations to set the bar or the training for the next 8-10 weeks to conference and regionals.

The first sessions always bring new additions to our weekly routine, including "how to do a 100 push-ups" and toe crawling - as we move forward at 1 MPH, only using our toes, we are not practicing the hare and tortoise tactic, we are simply strengthening our feet(?).

Speaking of tortoise, we unfortunately ran upon a dead sea turtle on our long run at the beach this morning. Despite the sad sight, nature gave us an amazing run with fresh ocean breeze and a beautiful sunrise. Even 911 surf report found us worthy of a photograph that is above and you can check out them on their website here.

This week will continue with hard and consistent training, including the first race of the season on our home course.

The JU Short Course Duals will take place on Friday at 6pm where all the men and six of the girls are putting the green shirt on and getting to business (our top four women are doing reps on Saturday instead of racing to prepare for later events). This meet is always exciting and it is a chance for our supporters to come out and see us on our own turf. I will come back later in the week to give you all details on Friday's events.