THE LIFE OF A RUNNING DOLPHIN: And the winner is...
And the winner is...BABY-JO!!!

Yea, that's right, our own baby Jo (Joane Pierre) simply decided to win the entire race - beating national contestant runners from UF. The Mountain Dew Invitational became a great start of the season as we got the individual winner, as well as second place as a team. Coach (Ron Grigg) actually took a goofy picture with a slight indication of a smile, and that's when we know we did well.

After a pretty much terrible night of sleep due to a monster truck sounding like dehumidifiers and air conditioners in the hotel (or the fact that we were all overly anxious for 8 a.m. to come), we headed to the course in pitch darkness to lay down the tarp and get started on the warm up.

It was a relaxed, yet nervous group heading for the start line, ready to get off to a quick start, make a hair pin turn and set off on the rolling 5k loop. We had absolutely amazing settings with cool temperatures (for Florida in September), a clear sky and of course lively people on the side lines to push us through. In fact, we have a theory that Jojo's great performance is mainly due to an excited dog barking at her during the race. I wonder what she can do if we set off a greyhound after her from the beginning, fearing cuddly puppies has its advantages.

This week is back to business. I like to call it "baby hell week", it is supposed to be the second hardest week we will face this fall so we know what we are getting - hard interval sessions and max total mileage. So if you happen to find me sleeping in a ditch somewhere, please carry me back to my room and feed me some candy (preferable German chocolate).

Don't get me wrong, I am excited for this training, it sucks when it goes on, but it feel so good once it’s over and you know you're getting in better shape for each step.

Have a wonderful week!