WLAX: Unit breakdown
(First in a series) The JU women’s lacrosse team opens Wednesday at Florida (6:30 p.m.) This week, a three-part look at the various team units, attack, midfield and defense/goalkeeping. Today: the attack.

Strengths: Experience. The unit had plenty of experienced players returning from a team that led the nation in scoring last season. The Dolphins like to score in transition, the number one way for last year’s success and to that end sophomore Jen Cosgrove is fitting in nicely. Coaches say she is growing into her confidence and her game as she continues to adjust to the college game. “She’s taken the opportunities and cashed them in time and time again,’’ said assistant Adam Norton. She also is one of the most efficient shooters on the team. We really like to score in transition, that’s one of the number one ways that helped us be the number one scoring offense last year. The team also has big expectations for freshman Holly Ventimiglia from Bay Shore N. Y. as the season unfolds. Of course the unit also has big-time players such as last year's leading scorer Morgan Derner, Amanda Hurley, Nikki Erdely and a cast of many more which bodes well.

Weaknesses: Finding more than one dominant player. Virtually the entire group is even in skill level and having a couple of offensive quarterbacks step up wouldn’t hurt.

Outlook: It’s bright. If the attackers continue to work the system there is no reason to think they won’t be just as effective as last year. “Scoring is how you win games,’’ coach Mindy McCord said. “We’ve just got to get enough shots off.’’