Jacksonville Women's Rowing A-Z

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A: Athletics, Arlington River, Adaptive Rowing, Alumni and Awesome & Amazing
B: Boathouse, Beaches and Bridges
C: Campus and Climate
D: Dolphins, Dolphin Points, Downtown and Dedication
E: Excellence in Education and Equipment
F: Fitness Center and First Coast
G:Green and White, Going Green and Galleries and Gardens
H: Housing and History
I: Involvement and Islands
J: Just Do It!, Jacksonville and Just Getting Started
K: Knowledge, Kilns and Kitchen
L: Landing, Location and Love
M: Majors, Marine Science Research Institute, Movie Theater, Maxwell House, Manatees and Marineland
N: New Facilities, Nike and Nellie
O:Ocean, Opportunity and Outside Oasis
P: Passion, Parking and Ponte Vedra Beach
Q: Quality Education and Quiet
R: Rivers and Racing & Regattas
S: Strength & Conditioning, St. Augustine and Sunshine
T: Tradition and Town Center
U: University Diner and Unique
V: Variety
W: Weather and Winning Attitude
X: Xtreme
Y: "You, Your Choice, Your Decision''
Z: Zoo and Zero Regrets