DISHIN' WITH DEVON: Two down, eight to go!
Congrats to the JU Dolphins who are two games into conference and still undefeated! This weekend we tied a game and won a game against two very competitive teams in our conference.

On Friday we played Florida Gulf Coast. This game was an intense game for several reasons. Gulf Coast is a quick team with good skills and they read the game very well, so as a team we had to be aware of their abilities without compromising our style of play. This was also the first game of Conference and this is the game where WE set THE standard for the rest of the season. This team is the most similar team to us in terms of their style of play and the players they recruit (all very short).

We played another 110 minutes of scoreless soccer but the game was moving non-stop. This game was a test for true fans and those who really appreciate soccer for the skills and the possession aspect because I know that watching 110 minutes of any game is not very exciting for the average fan. We DO appreciate everyone’s support, no matter how long they stay for.

After running for 110 minutes on Friday, we took Saturday to recover our legs and bodies for the physical battle we were going to endure on Sunday. Stetson is a physical team that can change like the weather. One moment, they are barely surviving a game and the next they are suffocating their opponent with non-stop shots on goal. They played a decent game but it was evident that the fate of the game rested in our hands (or feet).

We played an excellent game of possession for most of the game but we were having trouble scoring off our many opportunities. Coach said one thing at half time, “We are doing everything right - passing, defending, attacking, dribbling, running, talking….but we haven’t scored yet. Get out there and score.” And that’s all that needed to be said and, finally, we were able to score one of the Stetson Hatters, making the final score 1-0, JU.

We are preparing to head to Georgia this weekend for probably our toughest weekend of soccer this season. We play Kennesaw State and Mercer this weekend and we are looking for two more wins to add to our undefeated season in conference.