DISHIN WITH DEVON: Senior weekend and drool on the keyboard
It’s Wednesday and I am still on a high from our Senior Game this past Sunday. This past weekend was an amazing weekend for soccer, families, and fun. It was our Senior Soccer Game on top of being Parent’s Weekend. We had so many fans cheering for us on Friday and Sunday and we really appreciate it. Friday we played USC Upstate and we were finally able to score a few goals, and by a few, I mean five! We walked away from Friday’s game with a proud 5-1 win. Last week, Upstate’s goalkeeper was named Defensive Player of the Week and she deserved that recognition even though she was scored upon, she had a good game against us that night. Friday was also a success because every JU player was able to play and get experience while still maintaining our fight. This was a great showing for our team and it was only the start to the weekend. Saturday we found ourselves working out the kinks and enjoying a light-hearted morning practice of small sided scrimmages. In the background, we were lucky enough to be able to listen to the Football music that was playing just before their game. Emily Culbreth, a Georgia native, made the comment in her best southern voice, “There’s nothing like a little country music to get you going in the morning.” After practice, we headed off on a journey to the Boat House for a team lunch. Lunch definitely hit the spot after practice. We had three kinds of pasta, garlic bread, salad, and some delicious HOMEMADE cupcakes that were cooked to perfection by Mrs. Leeper. The cupcakes, a chocolate and vanilla mix with cream cheese filling, were still warm and gooey with the chocolate chips melting in mouth. (Excuse me as I wipe the drool off my keyboard). This was an awesome chance for parents and players to meet and put faces to all the names that we’ve heard so much about. Sunday morning we woke up an hour earlier to head to Panera for our traditional Bagel breakfast before heading to the locker room to gear up for the game. Seeing as how this was our Senior Game, the underclassmen took it upon themselves to decorate the locker room and the field as best they could to celebrate the seniors. It was such a wonderful experience walking into a locker room full of green and yellow streamers and silly string, balloons and confetti. Each of our lockers were decorated with more of the above as well as a goofy team picture from Preseason. All the Seniors were beaming from ear to ear with smiles and giggles and OOoooo’s and Awww’s. Then, before the game, the seniors were each individually announced with their accomplishments in school and soccer and were handed a bouquet of flowers. We were announced in numerical order order and I was last, as usual. This wasn’t a problem except that all of the girls who had been announced already had managed to keep the smiles on their faces and their heads up, until I came along. I am not a crier….or wasn’t until my Senior Game. I was crying on the way out to meet the girls at the halfway line and we had a big group hug, which turned into 7 girls balling their eyes out because they finally realized that their lives as they knew it were coming to a close! They were happy tears but they were also tears of sadness. It’s not very often that a class as big as ours stays together as good friends for all four years. Luckily, we were able to pull it together before the game against ETSU. We played our hearts out and we came out with a good 3-0 win over the Bucs. We went 2-0 for the weekend and we are tied for first place with FCGU. Fans, stick around and see what we will do next! We are flying out to Tennessee this weekend to take on Belmont and Lipscomb. Thank you again to all of our fans who are able to come to our games and even those who watch from home. We really do LOVE the support and we wouldn’t have come as far as we have without you. To MY SENIORS: I LOVE YOU and it’s been a pleasure sharing the field of battle with you.