DISHIN' WITH DEVON: The journey for the "Tourney"
Friday night we took on Cross-town rivals UNF. UNF is always a difficult team to play not only because of the rivalry but also because of their skill. They are a dangerous team with a physical and tactical aspect to their game.

The game began on the right foot for us. We were up, 2-0, in the first half and the beginning of the second half. But in the middle of the second half, we were unable to keep the lead and UNF tied the game up taking us into overtime.

Fortunately, we were able to find our “game” again and finish the real game in the first overtime period, giving us the win over UNF, 3-2. This was a terrific game to go into the conference tournament. They are a good opponent that helps us re-evaluate our tactics and game plan to see what needs work. We needed a difficult game to keep our noses out of the air and to prepare for more difficult games to come.

We have almost two weeks until our next game and we know that the weeks of practice to come are going to be physically demanding in order to make up for our lack of games, but they will be the most important practices of season. We are preparing for a Conference CHAMPIONSHIP and that "bling-bling" we’ve been working so hard to “sport” around campus.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit” (Author Unknown). This quote rings true in nearly every aspect of our team. For three months, day in and day out, we have worked to build our own high standard of excellence and it finally paid off. For the first time, JU is hosting the Conference tournament as a result of our hard work. We are the number one team going into the tournament which means we have earned a bye for the first game and we get a straight shot to the semifinals.

I am ecstatic about this opportunity. Every year since my freshmen year, the conference tournament has always been held at Kennesaw State University. In one sense, Kennesaw’s field has a sentimental aspect to it. That is the field where big games were won and lost, seniors and friends played their last games and tears of joy and sadness were shed over a game we all love. However, that does not take away from the excitement of what we have accomplished and hope to continue as JU soccer. We hope to have our field hold some sentimental feelings for other teams this year and in years to come as a new tradition, a tradition of excellence for the JU women’s soccer team.