Thom Moody

Thom Moody is a sports massage therapist, working with athletes weekly to improve performance. Since beginning his work at JU in 1999, he has achieved significant results, both in the training room and on the field.

Moody has worked with several athletic teams at Jacksonville University since joining the sports medicine team, performing more than 15,000 sessions of massage in the training room and on the field in cooperation with a team of medical doctors, sports trainers and coaches. He has also helped with past Olympic champions and those training for Olympic competition.

Outside of JU, Moody is one of the sports massage therapists for the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars. The trainers asked him to join their team in 2012 to help starters recover and improve performance on the field. He also runs a massage practice inside Definition Fitness, a personal training studio located in San Marco.

Moody was the lead instructor at Heritage Institute of Massage Therapy in Jacksonville from 2001 - 2013. He trained hundreds of students in every modality and helped design the organization’s 1,200 hour degree program. Moody also conceived and ran Heritage’s Sports Honors program, which allowed exceptional students to learn under his direction in university training rooms.

Moody’s private practice includes neuromuscular and sports massage, medical massage, Craniosacral massage, lymphatic drainage, reflexology and incorporates concepts from his extensive study of Chinese medicine.

Head coach Ron Grigg on having Thom Moody: "At Jacksonville University, we understand that student performance is tied to time on task. That extends to athletic performance as well. The longer an athlete can stay on task: training, working with weights, or running sprints, the better her performance during an event. That’s what our sports massage therapist does; he keeps our athletes healthy and helps them recover faster after intense training or an injury. Weekly massage means that the athlete’s body can get more benefit from deep work when it’s needed. Massage therapy during a meet between events means that our athletes recover – and reach peak performance – just when it’s needed."

Coaching Staff
Ron Grigg Director of Cross Country/Track & Field
Bambi Carson Assistant Coach
Natasha Harvey Volunteer Assistant
Thom Moody Massage Therapist