SUNDAY, JUNE 29, 2008
Natasha Harvey and Shaquania Lundy will compete in the qualifying round of the long jump on Monday
Natasha Harvey and Shaquania Lundy will compete in the qualifying round of the long jump on Monday
Shaquania Lundy, Natasha Harvey and JU head coach Ron Grigg of the JU women's outdoor track & field team give us the low down on their trip to Eugene, Ore. and the Olympic Trials.

Shaquania Lundy:
"Sitting in the stands for the first time since we arrived was awesome. There was an adrenaline rush as several athletes were named to the USA Track and Field team going to Beijing. It was then when I realized that I have just as much of a chance as every other athlete out on the field to represent my country. As far as preparing for the big day I am trying not to think to much because now is not the time, but it is time to just perform and do what I know how to do best. I have done this jump many times and I have learned the things that matter the most in order for me to perform well. With all of that said, I am ready to get on the runway and make it happen!"

Natasha Harvey:
"It's happening..... I can feel it happening! We went to the warm-up track today just to get things rolling again after traveling most of the day yesterday. There wasn't many people there but what I was feeling on the inside didn't resemble that. I began to feel a host of emotions at one time, but most importantly confidence. After a few build-ups I was sure that I was ready. Making it to the Olympic Trials has been a journey in it's own but my journey isn't going to stop here. It can't. I won't let it. Tomorrow is going to be great! It's in the air. The level of competitiveness that I witnessed today at Hayward Field was incredible and tomorrow I get to add to that. I can't wait!"

Coach Ron Grigg:
"Eugene, Oregon really is Tracktown USA. The stands are packed, the facility is beautiful and the entire town has turned their attention to putting on the greatest track meet ever conducted on USA soil and they are succeeding.

Yesterday, while picking up our credentials we watched the women's 100m final and I was commenting on how fast the track must be, or how prepared the athletes really are, because the times have been surprising even the most knowledgeable track fans.

Today we witnessed the fastest time ever run under any conditions in the men's 100m. It won't be a World Recotd because of an illegal wind, but it was breathtaking. That may sound cliche, but those really are the best words to describe it.

The girls had a nice session this morning at the practice track. We are currently in the athlete support building where they provide light refreshments, live feed of the event. There is Nintendo Wii Track and Field on the big screen if you care to partake and a chance to check email. Our hotel doesn't have wireless so we'll correspond from here each day and send the pictures from the McDonald's across the street from our hotel.

The weather has been warmer than usual for Eugene, but right on par for us as Floridians. We will get a good dinner, a nice nights rest and tomorrow we will head to the track in the morning for a shake out. Then at 7:05 p.m. it's show time.