Women's Track & Field Finishes Second, Men Third At TAAC Championships

April 21, 2001

ORLANDO, Fla. - The women's track and field team place second with 121 points, behind first-place UCF (196 points), and the men's team finished third with 145.5 points, at the Trans America Athletic Conference Championships Saturday afternoon in Orlando, Fla.

The women's squad crowned three champions and broke two conference meet records Saturday. Safiya Davy (Mitchville, Md.) reset the conference meet record she set yesterday in the 100-meter hurdles with her first-place time of 13.68.

Davy was also part of the championship 4x100 relay team with Monique Tubbs (Holbrook, Mass.), Andrea Pressley (Temple Hills, Md.) and Tiffany Wright (Lauderdale Lakes, Fla.) who crossed the finish line at TAAC meet record 45.16. The 4x400 team placed second with a time of 3:51.34.

Tubbs, who won the NCAA Indoor 60-meter championship earlier in the year, won the 100-meter dash with a time of 11.57.

In men's action, Kenneth Baxter (New York, N.Y.) was named TAAC Freshman-of-the-Year after winning the 100-meter dash (10.62) and the 200-meter dash with a conference meet record run of 21.17.

The 4x100 relay team of Baxter, Jon Underhill (Plantation, Fla.), Boshawn Mack (Clearwater, Fla.) and Brent Alexander (Tampa, Fla.) set the meet record with their championship run of 40.45. The team also placed second in the 4x400 relay with a time of 3:19.96.

Courtney Phelps (Pensacola, Fla.)brought home a conference title in the men's discus throw with a toss of 44.56 meters.

The Dolphins return to action on May 5, when they compete at the Last Chance Meet in Athens, Ga.

Top JU Performances At TAAC Championships On Saturday

Women's 100-meter Dash 1. Monique Tubbs, JU 11.57 4. Safiya Davy, JU 12.04 6. Tiffany Wright, JU 12.16

Women's 200-meter Dash 1. Toya Lewis, TSU 23.74 3. Monique Tubbs, JU 24.04

Women's 400-meter Dash 1. Zanta Marble, GSU 54.68 (Meet Record) 2. Andrea Pressley, JU 55.58 6. Kate Clarke, JU 57.66

Women's 800-meter Run 1. Shana Ely, SAM 2:12.03 4. Ayesha Muhammad, JU 2:18.12 6. Asjah Muhammad, JU 2:19.85

Women's 1,500-meter Run 1. Tara Bourque, SAM 4:33.30 (Meet Record) 8. Christine Weiher, JU 5:01.64

Women's 3,000-meter Run 1. Jenn Feenstra, GSU 9:58.93 (Meet Record) 4. Adriana Campos, JU 10.31.76

Women's 5,000-meter Run 1. Jenn Feenstra, GSU 17:17.41 (Meet Record) 2. Adriana Campos, JU 17:41.41 6. April Nudo-Patterson, JU 18:13.75

Women's 10,000-meter run 1. Sonja Shedden, UCF 36:24.82 (Meet Record) 4. Chelsea Knight, JU 39:05.55 5. April Nudo-Patterson, JU 39:21.74

Women's 100-meter high hurdles 1. Safiya Daya, JU 13.68 (Meet Record) 3. Andrea Pressley, JU 14.15

Women's 400-meter int hurdles 1. Kellie Marzetta, UCF 1:01.46 (Meet Record) 3. Safiya Davy, JU 1:03.31 6. Tamsin Anstey, JU 1:05.16 9. Laura Winn, JU 1:05.71

Women's 4x100-meter relay 1. JU 45.16 (Meet Record) (Andrea Pressley, Monique Tubbs, Tiffany Wright, Safiya Davy)

Women's 4x400-meter relay 1. TSU 3:50.54 2. JU 3:51.34 (Pressley, Tubbs, Wright, Davy)

Women's high jump 1. Kelly Roloff, UCF 1.63m 7. Lysa Lee, JU 1.53m

Women's Pole Vault 1. Shannon Ryan, UCF 3.19m 5. Ingrid Rackebrandt, JU 2.29m

Women's Long Jump 1. Danuto Ivanochko, JU 5.58m

Women's Triple Jump 1. LaTrica Firby, UCF 12.35m 4. Lysa Lee, JU 11.61m

Women's Shot Put 1. Katara Beard, UCF 14.27m (Meet Record) 3. Andrea Pressley, JU 12.52m

Women's Discus Throw 1. Takia Shoats, TSU 38.54m 6. Stephanie Moore, JU 30.64m

Women's Hammer Throw 1. Takia Shoats, TSU 39.26m 6. Andrea Pressley, JU 20.18m

Women's Javelin Throw 1. Jamie Pew, UCF 37.27m 5. Andrea Pressley, JU 32.87m

Men's 100-Meter Dash 1. Kenneth Baxter, JU 10.62 2. Jon Underhill, JU 10.73 3. Boshawn Mack, JU 10.80 4. Brent Alexander, JU 10.86

Men's 200-meter dash 1. Kenneth Baxter, JU 21.17 (Meet Record) 2. Jon Underhill, JU 21.51 3. Boshawn Mack, JU 21.57

Men's 400-meter dash 1. Derrick Moore, SU 48.72 3. Jon Underhill, JU 50.45 4. Andy Britt, JU 50.74

Men's 800-meter run 1. Tee Mott, GSU 1:53.70 4. Rowan Irons, JU 1:54.87

Men's 110-meter high hurdles 1. Derrick Moore, SAM 14.00 (Meet Record) 8. Philip Armijo, JU 15.95

Men's 400-meter int hurdles 1. David Henson, SAM 54.64 3. Philip Armijo, JU 57.11

Men's 4x100-meter relay 1. JU 40.45 (Meet Record) (Brent Alexander, Jon Underhill, Kenneth Baxter, Boshawn Mack)

Men's 4x400-meter relay 1. SAM 3:19.39 2. JU 3:19.96 (Alexander, Underhill, Baxter, Mack)

Men's High Jump 1. Eric Bergemann, CU 2.08m (Meet Record) 6. Corey Donnell, JU 1.78m

Men's Pole Vault 1. Josh Jones, SAM 4.40m 2. Philip Armijo, JU 4.25m 3. Josh Katsur, JU 4.10m 5. Kevin Alvarez, JU 3.05m

Men's Long Jump 1. Joseph Nelson, TSU 6.97m 4. Stephen Colbert, JU 6.66m 5. Russell Cheatham, JU 6.64m

Men's Triple Jump 1. Joseph Nelson, TSU 14.94m 2. Kelly Roberts, JU 14.27m 3. Stephen Colbert, JU 12.73m 6. Russell Cheatham, JU 12.61m

Men's Shot Put 1. Josh Caldwell, SAM 14.11m 4. Courtney Phelps, JU 12.91m

Men's Discus Throw 1. Courtney Phelps, JU 44.56m

Men's Javelin Throw 1.Chris Brongel, TSU 57.70m 4 Daniel, Irby, JU 48.04m